Chamfering machine

Chamfer Machines to remove sharp corners became one of our products range in cooperation with Yuko, which is in the business for more than 30 years.

  • Grinding target:Glass, Quartz, Crystal, Ceramic (alumina) , Sintered metal (crystal)
  • Grinding method:C edge grinding mainly multi diamond(φ60-5、φ70-4、φ70-3), R edge grinding Pencil edge diamond (φ100、φ150 and etc)
  • Grinding size: #700M diamond C0.05~0.30 mm  #500M diamond C0.30~0.50 mm

“Integrated model” with “ICM cleaner” is also available. 

      Realize Low cost Easy Maintenance .

  • Process example : LD→Grinder→Shower→ (Disc)brush roller→(2 fluid jet / High pressure / MS→)Rinse→Air knife→(IR & Cooling→UV→)ULD

>>> Pairing with each cleaning tools is available. <<<

grinding process

Work size & Tact time

worksize and tact time