Equipments for LCD, OLED and Solar panel

Our main products have been cleaners and cure ovens for glass panels used in production of LCD panel, Solar panel, OLED and so on.


Characteristics of ICM cleaner

More than 60 years experience beginning with FPD brush cleaner

  1. Wide range of application, mainly for LCD processes, Mother glasses, OLED, Automobile curved Glasses, Solar Panels, Optical glasses and etc.
  2. Various types of Cleaning methods for best performance and efficiency including contact and non-contact cleaning.
  3. Substrate size developed for MIN 20 x 20 mm – MAX 3,400 x 3,000

High performance

Max. conveyor speed : about 20m/min
Standard cleaning level: under 10μ in particle size
(Applicable for precision cleaning)

High reliability

Contains High-speed Low-vibration brush unit, Non-contact magnet transfer gear system, Automatic alignment
ICM original IR + Cooling system and excellent mechanism to realize Minimum static electricity, High cleaning quality and water cut for gap and edge

Substrate Cleaner Size Variation ICM ever made

One strength of ICM is that we have made wide range of sizes and thicknesses as customers requested.

Another strength is that we have made cleaners for various application, not to mention flat panel as LCD, Solar panel, LED, but also curved glasses as automotive front glasses or side mirrors. As rather unusual application, we have delivered ?cleaners for welding helmet or even tools as knives. Please feel free to consult us for any tools to be cleaned!!

Actual sizes made : Length x Width : Max 3,400 x 3,000 – Min 20 x 20
Thickness is independent on length and width.

Please see below.

Cleaning Method

Standard layout of single substrate cleaner

Cleaner layout
Air knife
Air knife
Magnet gear
Magnet gear
Brush roller
Brush roller

Cleaning Method

Cleaning method


Single substrate clean oven - Hot air circulation / IR oven

Uniform temperature distribution, clean level and countermeasure against fume

Single substrate clean oven

To enlarge equipment many improvements such as mechanism to prevent fume in ovenmeasures for time reduction at temperature rise and fall, shortening of maintenance time and etc have been added.

System that includes Loader, Unloader, multiple chamnbers and cooling system by robot is available.

(Robot teaching is included)

IR oven is also available.


  • Application : Seal cure, colour filter, Touch panel, Alley process, and others

  • Size : G2G6(G8 with subcontructor)

  • Mechanism to prevent fume in oven

  • Uniform temperature distribution

  • Clean level in oven : under Class 100

  • Mechanism to prevent substrate to slide in oven

  • Measures for time reduction at temperature rise and fall

  • Shuttle system for Cooling unit

  • Mura preventive rack support

  • Various Communication including SECS, HSMS (CIM)

Hot air circulation system

cold trap of oven

  1. Supply fresh air with air supply blower

  2. With use of large capacity circulation blower, constant air flow and velocity is supplied horizontally to all area within oven.

  3. Clean level class 100 is guaranteed with heat resistant HEPA filter.

  4. Eliminate and collect fume with cold trap.

Box Clean Oven

Clean level 100 is guaranteed with high efficient filter

Realized high precision temperature distribution


  • Application : Seal curem Color filter, Touch panel, Array process
  • Excellent durable basic design
  • High control accuracy by own design
  • Better temperature distribution precision by IMAI original system

  • Compact design with efficient space use

  • Flexible custom-made

Specification (reference)

Temperature 50~200℃
Temperature control accuracy ±0.5℃
Temperature distribution precision ±5℃
Temperature rise time about 60 min RT→200℃
Clean Class 100 HEPA filter