Outline of Roll to Roll equipment

  1. Set roll substrate (PET film, copper foil, polyimide etc) on air shaft of unwinding shaft. After all of a roll substrate is unwound you will be able to connect new set substrate on unwinding shaft by tape.
  2. Dancer roller sends out substrate to wider with giving adequate tension on substrate. Tension volume is adjustable by manual. Tension volume range is about 1~10kg (roller weight is loaded uniformly on substrate width).
  3. Wind sent out substrate by dancer roller with air shaft of winding shaft.Before winding shaft cullet removing or meandering correction (alignment) function is equipped. We have experience of meandering accuracy ±0.5mm in substrate width.
  4. Utility CDA : ≧0.5MPa, electric power AC200V φ3 are necessary. In case you need high accuracy transfer servo motor drive and meandering correction (alignment) unit in winder unit is available.? We design and develop best suited system for customer request.

Equipments for Roll-to-Roll film processing

Roll to roll machineries include film roll mechanism and various chemical processing on film as etching, plating, cleaning and so on.

Roll to Roll cleaner

roll to roll cleaner
  • This equipment is Roll to Roll Cleaner for film (shaped) material.
  • This equipment includes from rough cleaning to final cleaning, drying and winding.

  • It can also clean film material with ITO film for OLED.


Process flow
  • Unwinder~ UV~ Brush(PVAなど) ~ Ultra sonic~ 2 fluid shower ~
  • M/S~ Direct water cleaning~ Water cut~ Drying~ Winding
  • Electric power( AC200・220V/50・60HZ ), DI water, City water, Cooling water, Scrubber,
  • Heat exhaust,(Steam)

Plating equipments

plating equipments
plating equipments 2


This equipment is electroless-plates on “conoductive base” formed in resin film. With our original technic it transfers thin material without damage and crinkle.

Equipment length can be shorten with adopting UPDOWNU turn layout.


Lane layout 1Lane
Transfer speed 0.5m/min ( MAX 1.5m/min)
Material width MAX 600mm
Material thickness 50μm~
Processed surface One side or both side
Process flow Unwinder~Stripping~Wet cleaning~Water cut~Drying~Winder
Utility Electric power( AC200・220V/50・60HZ )、DI water, City water, Cooling water, Scrubber, Heat exhaust,(Steam)
Equipment size 15m(L) × 2m(W) × 2.5m(H) ※excluding touch panel・incidental facilities