Vertical conveyors system of 11 meter length

Recently we succeeded in developing the vertical conveyor with 11 meter vertical stroke for a food manufacturer.

This conveyor is used to bring down retort pouches (100x200mm,thckness of 18mm) from upper floor to lower floor, at the speed of 20 meters per minute by means of holding rollers against the moving conveyor.

Despite the long vertical distance, cross sectional area (opening of the conveyor) could be kept rather small, 1 x 1 meter. We believe this is a unique development made possible by our long experience in those equipment.

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The thinnest substrate cleaner

In the previous issue, we reported the largest substrate cleaner ever in the world called G11 (Generation 11). The topics we would like to bring now is the thinnest substrate cleaner (if not the smallest). We successfully brought the substrate cleaner for the glass of 0.1 mm thickness. With the thin glass, we had to overcome the difficulty to run it through the conveyor without damage (breakage) of the glass.

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G11 glass cleaner

Recently? we successfully made the largest substrate (glass) cleaner ever and delivered to the customer (a big Japanese company).

The size of the glass to be cleaned is 3,000 x 3,400 mm with the thickness of 0.4-0.5 mm.? This size is categorized as G(Generation) 11 and the largest ever made in the world. Engineering-wise, distortion of the system was a key issue to enable the cleaning of particle evenly all through the huge flat surface.

In the next news, we will be able to report the substrate cleaner for the thinnest glass on the smallest category.

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