solar panel cleaner

Cleaner for Solar Panel production

The topics we would like to bring now is the Cleaner for Solar Panel production.

We have ever delivered to customers more than 50 cleaners for Thin Film Solar Cell production in various production steps as the cleaner for the Panel Receiving step, cleaner before TCO coating, cleaner for After Patterning, cleaner for Final cleaning and others required by customers.

The cleaning tools we use are various, such as brushes, 2 fluids, medium pressure, high pressure and so on, according to the required cleaning.

We believe we can best contribute to customers in performance and productivity by choosing appropriate tools for cleaning.

Our cleaning tool can be also applied to compound type solar panel production.

We appreciate your inquiry.

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Roll to Roll cleaner

Roll to roll machinery

The topics we would like to bring this time is the film roll cleaning machinery.
The machinery is called roll to roll machinery, consisting of film loader (to send out the film), unloader (to take up the film) and cleaning and dryer unit in-between. The machinery is good for the film width as much as 600 mm and the thickness 0.05-0.3 mm. The cleaning tool can be UV, detergent, roll brush, ultrasonic, 2 fluids and so on depending on the required cleanliness, and dryer tool is normally hot air.
This roll to roll machinery can be used for other treatment of films as etching, development, plating and so on.
Please contact us for the treatment you would like to have on the film.

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G11 glass cleaner

Recently we successfully made the largest substrate (glass) cleaner ever and delivered to the customer (a big Japanese company).

The size of the glass to be cleaned is 3,000 x 3,400 mm with the thickness of 0.4-0.5 mm. This size is categorized as G(Generation) 11 and the largest ever made in the world. Engineering-wise, distortion of the system was a key issue to enable the cleaning of particle evenly all through the huge flat surface.

In the next news, we will be able to report the substrate cleaner for the thinnest glass on the smallest category.

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