solar panel cleaner

Cleaner for Solar Panel production

The topics we would like to bring now is the Cleaner for Solar Panel production.

We have ever delivered to customers more than 50 cleaners for Thin Film Solar Cell production in various production steps as the cleaner for the Panel Receiving step, cleaner before TCO coating, cleaner for After Patterning, cleaner for Final cleaning and others required by customers.

The cleaning tools we use are various, such as brushes, 2 fluids, medium pressure, high pressure and so on, according to the required cleaning.

We believe we can best contribute to customers in performance and productivity by choosing appropriate tools for cleaning.

Our cleaning tool can be also applied to compound type solar panel production.

We appreciate your inquiry.

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chamfering equipment

Chamfering machine to eliminate sharp edges

This time we would like to introduce our chamfering machine.
Our chamfering machine can eliminate sharp edge of flat plates as glass, metal and ceramic panels. Chamfering of both top and bottom on one side can be done at the same time. By adding panel rotating machines, the sharp edges can be removed at all four periphery.
It can be combined with our panel cleaners so that the chamfered particles can be removed easily, otherwise hot particles scattered on the panel will be hard to remove when they are cooled down.
Please feel free to contact us on any detail you would like to know.

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